[mythtv] [PATCH/APP] Program rankings

Jason Rosson etiam at pacbell.net
Mon Jun 30 05:27:38 EDT 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Saturday 28 June 2003 03:03 pm, Jason Rosson wrote: 
> Very nicely done.  Just what I like, a big patch that applies cleanly =)  I've 
> just committed it to CVS with a few minor modifications -- I added support 
> for the weekslot recording type, and made it possible to go to the recording 
> type screen from the program rankings screen.  Also made it pop up a dialog 
> to give an error on themes that don't support it.
> I am sort of worried about the efficiency of the CheckRank() function.  
> That'll be doing a _lot_ of duplicate database hits to grab the type and 
> channel ranks -- could those be cached somewhere instead?
> Just noticed a bug in the program rankings screen (probably also in the 
> channel rankings).  If you change a value enough that it has to resort, the 
> list highlight disappears.
> Isaac

  i've made some fixes and asked-for changes to the rankings stuff.

  should be faster once program rankings comes up.  i do a db read
  from within FillLists() which gets all the other rank values for all
  programs.  no calling GetChannelRank(), etc anymore.  it's an ugly
  kludge though.

  coming back from the recording type screen should work correctly
  now.  if a program was changed, rank or rectype, it should be
  updated.  i was getting some highlight bar disappearing action
  before the fix so i hope that's what you were seeing too.

  two rank value columns are displayed now, program rank and final
  rank.  sorting is done on the final rank value instead of the
  program rank.  (bruce's suggestion)  made some small changes to
  blue/ui.xml to accomodate this.

  changed the SRRank class like chris wrote about.  so it's visible
  in the advanced recordings screen (which i didn't even know about)

  as far as caching the CheckRank() function, i could certainly do
  that locally within mythbackend which is the only place it's getting
  called right now.


  new screenshot:

   - jason

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