[mythtv] Program Info protocol

Michael Greb mikegrb at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 29 20:42:52 EDT 2003

I think I'm going to have to agree with Isaac on this one.  Especially the idea
of exchanging the protocol version at the start of the exchange, I guess to a
degree the same idea as storing the db schema version in the database.  The
only time I would think backwards/forwards compatibility would be with some
sort of embedded device setup for the frontend and I don't think MythTV is
really at that point.  Not that I don't think it is a mature solution, it's
just changing so fast that it wouldn't make since to be stuck with out being to

I dunno just my thoughts at the moment.
--- Isaac Richards <ijr at po.cwru.edu> wrote:
> On Sunday 29 June 2003 09:42 pm, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> > IMHO, if MythTV should be something to rely upon, which can be installed
> > at users without maintainance, then a stable protocol is needed, with
> > both forwards- and backwards compatibility, so that older frontends work
> > with newer backends and newer frontends with older backends. The goal is
> > that you can install a frontend and have it running for years without
> > changes, while the backend is being continuously upgraded. It's hard to
> > achieve, but possible, and I think we should aim for it, to allow
> > acceptance of MythTV in environments where users don't want to worry
> > about their TV at all, it should "just work".
> I really don't care at all about forward/backwards compatibility at this
> stage 
> of development.
> > but once it hits MythTV, at
> > least the 1.0 frontend should work with all future backends IMHO.
> No, I disagree.  All this needs is a wire protocol version that gets passed
> to 
> the backend at the initial frontend startup and tells the user to upgrade 
> when things are incompatible.  If someone can install a frontend, they can 
> update it at the same time they update their backends.
> Isaac

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