[mythtv] problem with tonights cvs?

Chad McQuinn chadmcquinn at insightbb.com
Sun Jun 29 13:21:34 EDT 2003

On 6/29/03 11:17 AM, "Craig Longman" <craigl at begeek.com> wrote:

>> Because you are using a modern C++ compiler? Without -fno-operator-names any
>> "new" g++ will compile code with 'and', 'or', 'bitand' etc, they are C++
>> operators.
> hmm, they're actually part of c++ now?  thats gonna look a little weird
> until i get used to it.

These have been around for a long while now.

> well, if its standard, then encourage away i would say.  but if my
> compiler (from debian stable) doesn't deal with it, then i would suggest
> that it is a little too recent to standardize on.  i'm sure the last
> thing this project needs is another compiler quirk to deal with on the
> lists.

In my (possibly faulty) memory, these predate debian's existence, let alone
the current debian stable. I just checked with the oldest c++ compiler I
have access to (gcc 2.95.2); it handles 'and' in place of '&&' just fine.
What it probably wouldn't like is 'and' in a .c (not .cpp) file. Is that
maybe what happened here? I lost track of where the original error occurred.


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