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Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Sun Jun 29 18:28:15 EDT 2003

Here you have the first release of the MythChannels app (my #3 in my todos), which is slightly diferent of the previos tunebox from Leonardo.

see/get it from here http://www.elserrat.com/MythTV/MythChannels/index.html

Now, supports analog TV, but has been redesigned to be a solid foundation for supporting new types of channels, at this point, I can vision this ones:

Per Source:
    DV Firewire?
Virtaul channels/groups
    User categorized channel lists
    Virtual personal channels (fill the program info with a backround of choice between existing channels or recordings, and then add program favorites)
So, thowsands of channels, that's I've done it with a tree navigation. More convenient. To work with the virtual ones, might be interesting to reuse the new rankings module, I've to look at it.

Although is a mythtv setup app, I've developed it as a plugin, so it's safe, no intrusive to the existing code. The analog stuff is very much usable.

Why is it important?
-Sets the basis for expanding mythtv to new sources/channels.
-XMLTV is not longer a requirement.

To install:
-requires the channel preset patch applied that I've submitted many weeks ago, I haven't seen it on the CVS, any problem with this? This stuff makes no sense without it.
-apply the diff, it also includes a minor patch to manualschedule and a few more translations to the xml menus.
-uncompress the tar at mythtv/programs/mythchannels directory.


As always, feedback welcome- 
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