[mythtv] cvs - ok, what changed with recorded stuff?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sun Jun 29 03:06:40 EDT 2003

> 	You are looking at code that I did note write. I'm a huge believer in clean 
> interfaces, but I have had almost no input to mythweb's murkier corners. 

ah, my appologies.  :)   Yours is the "main" name on the code.   I did
figure this out, though.  "recorded" uses the backend code to get file
size information about the recordings (which isn't stored in the

on that note, the "recorded" page is now functional (far from complete -
still needs sortby enhancements and some interface tweaks, but I'm
moving on to other things).  Hopefully should finish things up in the
next week or two (real-life providing).

for those who are interested, the latest is still at:


I really need to write a script to update this daily.


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