[mythtv] cvs - ok, what changed with recorded stuff?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sun Jun 29 01:18:04 EDT 2003

> here's a patch which should fix the CVS version of mythweb for
> conflict resolution stuff.  the new conflict resolution code in 
> scheduledrecording.cpp returns an extra rank field which was
> throwing off all the values coming from mythbackend.

nope, that patch seems already to have been applied to my version (I
just grabbed it from cvs about 20 minutes ago)

hmm, or maybe I'm reading this patch wrong..  I changed the "20" in my
copy to a "19" (your patch seems to suggest doing the opposite) and my
display got fixed.   however, the "activate" buttons still don't work..

no biggie on that for now.  I keep hoping to have time after work (ie.
not be working overtime) to finish this stuff up soon.


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