[mythtv] Patch to make mythgallery play nice with Gallery

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Jun 28 22:48:26 EDT 2003

On Saturday 28 June 2003 02:09 pm, Tom LeRoux wrote:
> If you haven't seen it, Gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/) is very nice
> free web-based image gallery.  It takes care of creating thumbnails,
> rotation, importing etc. and provides a cool web front end to view
> pictures.
> Pointing mythgallery at a Gallery album directory doesn't work too well,
> since Gallery stores a thumb/medium/big version of your picture.. you end
> up getting the same image 3 times, and mythgallery creates a thumbnail for
> each one.
>  I hacked up iconview.cpp so that it knows when it's in a Gallery
> directory.. if so, it'll do the following:
> * use an existing thumbnail instead of creating a new one
> * show the "highlight" picture instead of the "directory folder" image
> * ignore the "sized" (medium) version of the file

Looks good to me, just applied it to CVS.

> The only problem is that the Gallery thumbnail might not be the same size
> as the "expected" thumbnail.. YMMV (it's fine for me).  Maybe it's better
> to have mythgallery create the thumbnails anyway?  Same issue for the
> "highlight".  It's usually the same size as a Gallery thumbnail, but it
> still might be a bit different from the "folder" size (again, it seems OK
> to me - portrait images overlap a bit, but it's not that bad).  I guess
> perfect would be reading the Gallery metadata and inserting the correct
> metadata: size, name, comments, sequence, etc.. but this is good enough for
> browsing thru albums on the TV.  Anyway, feedback from Gallery users would
> be appreciated.. This should have absolutely no effect on non-Gallery
> directories.

Should be able to do a quick re-size of the existing thumbnails to the proper 
size if needed..


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