[mythtv] Patch to make mythgallery play nice with Gallery

Tom LeRoux tom at harborcoat.com
Sat Jun 28 15:09:52 EDT 2003

If you haven't seen it, Gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/) is very nice
free web-based image gallery.  It takes care of creating thumbnails,
rotation, importing etc. and provides a cool web front end to view pictures.

Pointing mythgallery at a Gallery album directory doesn't work too well,
since Gallery stores a thumb/medium/big version of your picture.. you end up
getting the same image 3 times, and mythgallery creates a thumbnail for each

 I hacked up iconview.cpp so that it knows when it's in a Gallery
directory.. if so, it'll do the following:
* use an existing thumbnail instead of creating a new one
* show the "highlight" picture instead of the "directory folder" image
* ignore the "sized" (medium) version of the file

The only problem is that the Gallery thumbnail might not be the same size as
the "expected" thumbnail.. YMMV (it's fine for me).  Maybe it's better to
have mythgallery create the thumbnails anyway?  Same issue for the
"highlight".  It's usually the same size as a Gallery thumbnail, but it
still might be a bit different from the "folder" size (again, it seems OK to
me - portrait images overlap a bit, but it's not that bad).  I guess perfect
would be reading the Gallery metadata and inserting the correct metadata:
size, name, comments, sequence, etc.. but this is good enough for browsing
thru albums on the TV.  Anyway, feedback from Gallery users would be
appreciated.. This should have absolutely no effect on non-Gallery

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