[mythtv] MythMkMovie Testers Needed

Adrian Burden aburden at onegeeksopinion.com
Tue Jun 24 21:04:37 EDT 2003

Hi Michael, I will beat on it for you.
I have been reading the emails back and forth and have been
experimenting with myth for a time.


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> For those of you on the list who use MythMkMovie, I need to 
> ask for some help. I've just completed quite a few 
> significant features, and my initial testing looks good. Good 
> enough that I'm (almost) ready to release 1.0. However, I 
> want to have some people beat on it, and give me some 
> feedback, before I post it and give the world a chance to play.
> So, anybody who is using it, and would like a sneak peak (and 
> will give me some feedback), please drop me a line. I'll 
> email you the tarball.
> Yes, the project is still GPL'ed. However, I don't have a 
> public CVS, and am going to ask that those who DO receive the 
> pre-release don't redistribute it. I'm not hiding anything, 
> but I do want to restrict this to people who will provide me 
> some sort of feedback for a week or so while testing happens.
> So, who's up for the challenge?
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