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DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Tue Jun 24 18:10:15 EDT 2003

As far as point number 1 goes, fading immedietly if the OSD is up and 
you press "i" is desired behavior.  There is a setup option which allows 
you to set the OSDDisplayTime.  Maybe you should set it to something 
like 5 or 7 seconds?

Neil Trodden wrote:

> I've had a few ideas about myth and wondered if anyone could comment 
> on the feasibility or even just indicate if they concur or not.
> 1 When I hit 'I' during live tv, I get the osd for 3 seconds before 
> fading. If I haven't read the osd before it starts fading, and I hit 
> 'I' again, it doesn't reset the counter and starts fading immediately. 
> If I hold I, it flickers. I'll be installing IR soon and thought this 
> cause unnecessary battery/eye wear! Can the counter be reset during 
> fading?
> 2 I think this is a big piece of work and there may be more 
> implications than I am aware off but I was thinking about always 
> recording into the live tv ringbuffer, even when browsing the menus. 
> Say you listen to some music for a half-hour and check the tv, it 
> would be *really* handy if your 1 gig ringbuffer had the last hour of 
> a program you just tuned into 10 minutes before the end. Any scheduled 
> recording could override the livetv without prompting..?
> 3 My input source provides a widescreen picture. I have tweaked the 
> settings to display this in the correct ratio but I get the blue 
> background pic at the top and bottom of the screen. Is it possible to 
> set this to black to reduce contrast against the tv picture? The blue 
> graphic looks fantastic elsewhere but the option to disable the 
> background image of the theme during playback would be a nice-to-have.
> I'm just interested in other peoples opinions on these ideas really, I 
> might have a play around with 1 and 3 as they look like nice projects 
> for a novice like me.
> -- 
> Neil Trodden
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