[mythtv] MythMusic database schema suggestion

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Jun 24 16:06:36 EDT 2003

> I agree... while I suppose the DB schema could be tweaked, it's not the
> bottleneck

Granted, I haven't looked at the code since .8, and I know that .9 has
made some major changes, but in .8, the database query itself was taking
2-5 minutes to complete.  I know this is a lot faster in .9, but at last
test, it was still really slow.

The main problem with this is that all artist and album information is
stored as strings within a single table of track information.  when
doing things like "select distinct" (or grouping to get the same
effect), even with a decent index, mysql has to search through the
entire table to get at the information it needs.  (not to mention, doing
this kind of thing is just bad form, when a couple of related tables
would improve query times and save disk space).


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