[mythtv] Recurring Manual Scheduling?

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Tue Jun 24 21:05:15 EDT 2003

Hi all.

I know it is probably not meant to be used as such, but how difficult
would it be to extend the very nice manual schedule entry to support
weekly, monthly and perhaps daily recurrences?

I have a particular case where it would be nice to have soon:

With the new tv_grab_dk in xmltv I now have an official source of data
for TV information, *but* in some cases it is less specific than the
current source (and in other cases, it's the other way around).

The current source splits the morning cartoons on a particular channel
into the separate programs it consists of so that one can relatively
easily record for instance X-men Evolution without getting the
Flintstones and other rubble <G> as well.

The new source bunks all of this together in one big batch. Of course
then I know I will have all of X-men Evolution in there, but recording a
full 3 hours for a ½ hour show (daily) seems overkill and would run amok
if I were ever away from the computer more than a couple of days at a

In this case a repeat Mon-Fri 6:50-7:30 (extra padding added, they never
start on time), but I wouldn't mind setting up 5 recurring events.

What do you think?

Martin Moeller <martin at martinm-76.dk>

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