[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-users] FF/REW key binding confusion

Chad McQuinn chadmcquinn at insightbb.com
Thu Jun 19 15:33:30 EDT 2003

On 6/19/03 2:10 PM, "Ben Bucksch" <linux.news at bucksch.org> wrote:
> (I don't know what the rewind button should do when in fast forward. I
> also found it strange to go from very fast forward to rewind, I would
> have wanted a straight-forward way to *reduce* the forward speed, but I
> also agree with the arguments of the other side, that we need to go from
> ff to rev directly, and I don't know, if 4 buttons are a good idea.)

There *is* a way to go from ff to reverse: ff, then play (space), then
reverse. There is not, however, any easy way to reduce ff speed, other than
cycling through potentially even higher speeds. Again, though, eliminating
the need to go from ff directly to do reverse is what's needed. Generally, I
use Tivo like this.

Commercial comes, FF three times (60x speed).
See the program come back on, hit play. Tivo jumps back a fixed amount of
time. Usually this is within a second or two of where I want it (after
training myself). Sometimes I miss. If I went too far into the program, I
use instant replay (7 sec back) to get to where I want. If I didn't go far
enough, I use 30 second skip to get there (and then maybe 7 sec back again).
I no case do I ever go (or want to go) from FF to REW. Those modes should be
used for long-distance transport, not for short jumps. They just aren't
accurate enough to skip a few seconds here or there.

On the other hand, there are *plenty* of times that I want to reduce/change
speed; I often want to fast forward through something, then slow down to get
a better bearing on exactly where I am in the program, and then depending on
where I find myself, either speed up or slow down/stop.

It sounds like most of this is available in the latest CVS (since both
"sticky keys" mode and Skip Forward/Skip Back seem to be available at the
same time). Sounds great to me.

That said, I don't think it would bother anyone to have an option that says
"While fast forwarding, rewind:"
(*) reduces speed
(*) slams you into reverse

Then everybody can be happy.


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