[mythtv] final PATCH - new App for Manual Recording

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 19 11:13:01 EDT 2003

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> maybe a
> good idea could
> be to bind a key while watching tv that triggers "Instant
> Recording" instead of
> having it in the menu, it makes sense there since it's related to
> record what's
> live.

I like that idea... when watching LiveTV, I don't want to have to go back
out to the menu to do an 'Instant Record' (I realize I can bring up the EPG
and do a Single Record, but the Insant Record offers more flexibility). Most
VCRs have a 'quick timer record'... hit a key while watching LiveTV, and an
OSD pops up allowing you to select a recording length with the up/down arrow
keys.  As far as naming the recording, it could (a) use the current program
information, (b) allow you to cycle through the N program items that fall
within the recording time on that channel, or (c) auto-create a program name
like 'Quick Record <channel>:<starttime>'.  (a) or (c) would be easiest, but
(b) wouldn't be that much harder to do...  perhaps you could combine (b)
with (c), with (c) being the first option in the cycle...

Just thinking out loud... keep up the great work, Ramon!


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