[mythtv] How to install two versions of MythTV on same host

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Wed Jun 18 01:14:38 EDT 2003

Philippe Cattin wrote:

> What is the best way to install two different versions of MythTV on 
> the same box, i.e. a productive stable version and a more up to date 
> CVS version in parallel preferably with a different set of mysql tables? 

Different binaries should be relatively easy (unless there are gotchas 
which I missed):
Just change the "PREFIX" in settings.pro to some obscure dir, like 
/opt/mythtv/dev/, make install. Then, to start the app, do
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/mythtv/dev/lib/
so that the executables use the right libs (does that give higher 
priority than the standard path? I think so...). Then just start the 
executable there, e.g.

To use a different database, that's a bit more complicated. You have to 
change the DBName in the file ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt. Of course, you have 
to set up the DB first, and that probably includes changing the same 
file on the backend as well, so that mythtv's setup app accesses the 
right DB. Same for mythfilldatabase. It's a tricky (I tried it recently 
to test my mythfilldatabase changes, and it failed - not sure, if due to 
the DB trick or my changes or if I used the wrong binaries).

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