[mythtv] Mythtv recording: machine freezes totally - SOLVED

Stefan Schindler cafeschintze at gmx.net
Mon Jun 16 14:04:08 EDT 2003

>> I finally found out the reason for the strange freezes, that occured,

> I was a little too enthusiastic. Its not working again. Tried to put
> the setup back to how it was, when it worked again. No success. I'm
> lost.

This time, its solved for good. Really, I promise. ;-)
The problem was a dying memory module. The BIOS setting for CAS
latency was set to "SPD". I have two modules installed. One 128MB CL3
and one 256MB CL2. Seems that both were running at CL2 with this BIOS
setting. I now set it to CL3 and it works fine.
Found out about this by holding my room ventilator towards the open
tower case. With this kind of cooling I would not have any more
The reason I first thought, it had to do with the harddisc simply was
because switching the drives gave the computer some time to cool down.
Again, everyone thanks for your support and patience.

Best regards,
 Stefan                            mailto:cafeschintze at gmx.net

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