[mythtv] BUG in mythweather: imp<->si units

Arnd Münzebrock ClumsieRW at gmx.net
Fri Jun 13 00:41:29 EDT 2003

John Danner wrote:
> This has come up a few times, the Space/Enter key switches the units on the
> fly. The 'm' key does an update.

Sorry, i didn't recognize the earlier postings. But anyway, are there 
many people that change their units that often? From my point of view, 
the far more frequently used option is an update. So IMHO pressing space 
or enter should perform an update and some other key (for example 'u' 
for unit) should switch units as this would be more intuitional (at 
least for me ;-) ).

Hope I'm not repeating old discussions, but I didn't found anything 
about that in the mailing-list archive. Maybe I got the wrong keywords 
for searching?!

> -John

Just my $0.02


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