[mythtv] BUG in mythweather: imp<->si units

Arnd Münzebrock ClumsieRW at gmx.net
Thu Jun 12 22:56:29 EDT 2003


I think I found a small bug in mythweather. If I'm posting to the wrong 
list, please feel free to point me to the right one.

Mythweather seems to "forget" about the setting to si-units if you 
manually update the weather data from the net (by pressing space). To 
bring the si-units back up, one has to change to imp-units and back to 
si-units in the settings-dialog. After that (and the following automatic 
update of weather-data) everything looks like expected.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the source code yet, but from the 
look of the user it doesn't seem to be a big thing, just a forgotten 


Arnd Münzebrock                                      ClumsieRW at gmx.net
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