[mythtv] mythmkmovie 0.9

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Jun 12 10:40:31 EDT 2003

By the way, I think there are better ways to handle this than the way you
are currently going:

Specifically, if your nuv is in mpeg4/lame already, turning it into a
divx can be done with no further quality loss.  This has a myriad of
issues: Isaac doesn't want Myth to write a format it can't read;  the
compression won't be as good as with mencoder/xvid because it is still a
one-pass solution; cutlists will be difficult to handle.

If you start with a non mpeg4 stream, or want to go to a non-compatible
output stream (i.e. need to actually reencode anyway), or if you don't
want to deal with the hassles from the above method, the best solution
would be to stream the data from myth to mencoder in an uncompressed
format.  This would mean that mencoder would not need to be patched to
deal with myth's nuv files, and you would not lose any additional data
beyond the transcoding step.  You could also pipe your stream to any
program you like (perhaps xvid is more your style).  This would not be to
hard to do in myth today (simply have ReencodeFile be able to write to a
pipe).  All that is needed is to find an uncompressed format that
mencoder can deal with as input.  It would also mean that all these
scripts could be merged into mythtranscoder, and shipped with mythtv. 
Anyhow, this is the route I would probably take.  Perhaps I'll throw
together a prototype once I'm finished with fixing the recordedmarkup

  Geoffrey Hausheer

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