[mythtv] patch to add volume control to mythmusic

Pierre-Olivier Bouchard petecool at vl.videotron.ca
Sun Jun 8 16:13:10 EDT 2003

Ken VanDine wrote:
> Here is a patch to add volume controls to mythmusic.  Basically identical to
> what is in mythtv but without any sort of OSD.  
> I know realestate is valuable on the mythmusic screen, but I would like some
> pointers on how I can add some sort of volume indicator.  Has anyone considered
> using the same OSD methods as mythtv?

That won't be possible, as the OSD is overlaid onto the video that is 
sent to the video card for immediate display. You can't do that with 

> The volume slider doesn't need to stay on
> the screen, just pop up while changing volume or muting.  This isn't a must,
> just a nice to have.  For me the volumecontrol is a must have... Trying to
> reduce the number of remotes :-)

I think there might be some space, if the slider is put on either side 
of the song title/visualisation/etc... Maybe that display could be 
shifted to either side, to make a bit more space for the indicator... 
or, maybe better, have a "Volume: x%" bit somewhere in that title display.


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