[mythtv] (Probably OT) TiVo as MythTV box?

Shaun Crossley shaun at whatever.ca
Sat Jun 7 11:55:21 EDT 2003

I've crossposted this to both mythtv-users and mythtv-dev; I
hope someone will tell me if this is a breach of list-etiquette
without flaming me too heavily.

That said:

As a Canadian, I can't easily get a TiVo-brand STB that is able
to get Canadian guide data.  There are some people doing this I'm
told, but they keep a very low profile for various reasons.
Perhaps they use some variation of xmltv.  I don't know, and I'm
not asking about that here.

However, the DTiVo does have a hardware MPEG2 DEcoder -- and the
first-generation standalone units even have a hardware MPEG2
ENcoder as well.

Has anyone looked into the possibility of nuking the existing
TiVo Linux OS and replacing it with MythTV?  I would think this
would be an interesting project for making use of older TiVo

Of course, the restrictive hardware platform (sub-100MHz PPC
processor, 16MB RAM) would make this a challenge, at the very

Even if the 1st-generation TiVo units couldn't be used as
backends due to the restrictive hardware, perhaps they could be
used as frontends somehow?

Just a thought.


Shaun Crossley
mailto:shaun at whatever.ca

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