[mythtv] mythmusic segfault

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Fri Jun 6 02:03:50 EDT 2003

On Friday 06 June 2003 12:53 am, Mark Jacob wrote:
> I noticed that there was another commit to mythmusic a little while ago.
> I am in the middle of recompiling... hopefully it will fix my issues.
> On a side note I tried running mythmusic in gdb. I had to handle SIGPIPE
> and SIG32, and while i didn't see any SIGPIPEs I did see a few SIG32
> events fire. I setup a playlist, press play, and eventually execution
> stops with a SIGSEGV. I then typed thread apply all bt full at the gdb
> prompt and got absolutely nothing. Do I need a newer version of gdb?

Sounds like it -- SIG32 is what it sends on thread-related events, and if 
they're not handled automatically, that indicates that the version of gdb you 
have doesn't play well with the glibc/thread library you're using.


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