[mythtv] Re: Mythtv recording: machine freezes totally

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Jun 6 01:37:03 EDT 2003

> So, if im recording in mpeg4 and mpeg2 at the same
> time on the same box then its is happening twice as
> often which is why im seeing it happening so much. My
> recordedmarkup table has 150,000+ records in it, I
> take it that this is normal then?

I'd say that's about normal for maybe 20-40 hours of
recordings depending on the ratio of mpeg2 recordings to mpeg4.

For mpeg4 it will be 3600 records per hour, and 7200 for mpeg2 (for
the pvr-250 at least, not 100% sure about dvb).

Still, writing even every 7 seconds shouldn't slam your cpu that much
unless you're running with < 5-10% cpu free and low memory so it has
to hit the disk too much when it hits mysql.


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