[mythtv] Simple WAP pages

Bjorn bjorn at hijmans.nl
Thu Jun 5 21:52:14 EDT 2003


I've created some simple WAP pages that allow you to schedule a recording
using your WAP enabled mobile phone. Very simple and by no means complete
but it works. I'm planing on extending it in the future.

After choosing a day and channel it will display a list of all programs on
that channel and on that day. When you select a program you get the details
of that program and you get the option to record the show (if you havent
recorded it already). That is all so far.

I tested this on a Sony Ericsson P800 and a Samsung N620. I will test it on
some more handsets tomorrow but it should work on most modern handsets
(olders ones - like the Nokia 7110 - may have problems with the size of the

Download it here:


Just extract it to a direcory in your document root and change the mysql
connection settings in the common.phtml. On your phone just enter the URL
(remember to type the last slash, some phones require this).

Let me know if you have ideas for this.


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