[mythtv] Removing scheduled recordings

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I've been trying to follow this but I'm getting confused.  There are a few different ideas getting intermingled.  Could someone who has been privy to the IRC discussions summarize where the actual development is headed?

My two and a half cents FWIW...

My take on this discussion is that there are two basic modes under which MythTV is being used.  One is, for lack of a better term, a Mythical VCR.  Set it to record the shows I want to see, I watch them, I delete them.  The other is a Tivo/Replay TV mode.  Have it record a bunch of stuff that I may or may not watch before I have to delete it to make room for new stuff.  The first works best for a single user who watches specific stuff.  The second works much better in a family setting where there are a lot of users watching the same types of stuff at different times (read kids and cartoons.)

In the VCR mode, the need to unsuppress recordings or not suppress them in the first place is mainly due to schedule issues where two halves of a show have the same description, all episodes have the same description,  or other anomalies in the schedule.  However, in the Tivo mode, I am regularly pruning large amounts of recordings that were never watched.  I'm essentially wanting a program level ring buffer.  Keep the last ten episodes of Pokemon regardless of whether they've been recorded before or not.

The perfect solution would be the ability to manage either (or both) modes of Myth use with one system.  To me it seems the functionality needed is:

- Ability to have the system forget it ever recorded a given show.  This would be used when you want to re-record an episode or account for schedule hiccups.  Deleting oldrecorded entries still seems the best method here if the concerns of messing with oldrecorded can be addressed.
- Ability to mark programs such that those recordings are not added to oldrecorded at all.  That would allow for the Tivoesque program ring for marked programs.
- One added function would allow for much less manual intervention, the ability to mark recordings as deletable, and to mark a program's default deletable state.  That way, auto deletion as the disk fills would be relatively easy to add.

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> I'm not too keen on inserting rows into oldrecorded, either.  Also, tweaking
> the 'rerecord' flag would affect all future instances of that program until
> the rerecord flag was reset.  Though I suppose you could have the flag

When the 2nd instance was recorded, it would have a row inserted into
oldrecorded as well which would have rerecord set to 0 which would cause
the show to start showing up as a dup so it wouldn't get recorded a 3rd
time.  That could get confusing though in the code so it's probably not a
good idea.

> Even tweaking mythfilldatabase isn't really a solution, because what happens
> if the network changed the start/end time of the program; how would you
> match the entries in order to preserve the 'overridesuppression' flag?

Yeah, couldn't work in 100% of cases cleanly.

> It seems there's really no 'clean' solution... I guess I'll keep thinking...



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