[mythtv] Help with settings wizards

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 4 12:38:10 EDT 2003

Yes, you're right, it would work, and I'll use it if I have to, but it
doesn't really match the paradigm of the options.  Here are the specifics:

Option 1:  Mythmusic "Show whole tree"
Option 2 (added by me): Mythmusic "Navigate buttons"

Currently, "Show Whole Tree" toggles 2 things:  (1) whether to present the
'playlist navigation' mode in the mythmusic playback screen, and (2) whether
to use the arrow keys to navigate the FF/REW/Pause/Play/Stop/Prev/Next
buttons at the bottom.  Currently, if not behavior (1), then behavior (2).

However, I felt that just because I don't want to navigate _multiple_
playlists, doesn't mean I don't want to navigate the _current_ playlist.
The current behavior doesn't give me that option.  So, I decided to separate
out behaviors (1) and (2).  But, it didn't seem to make any sense to turn on
behavior (1) AND (2) at the same time, since it would present the multiple
playlist view but provide no way to navigate the tree.  Therefore, 2 boolean
options that are mutually exclusive, but may both be false, as follows:

ST = "Show Whole Tree", NB = "Navigate Buttons"

(a) ST && !NB:	Multiple playlist view, arrow keys navigate playlist (current
(b) !ST && NB:	Single playlist view, arrow keys navigate buttons (current
(c) !ST && !NB:	Single playlist view, arrow keys navigate playlist (new
(d) ST && NB:	Disallowed

Currently I have two independent checkboxes, allowing the user to specify
(d), and the code silently replaces (d) with (a).  However, I don't like the
idea of giving the use the illusion of being able to choose a setting that
is impossible within the program.

Come to think of it, a ComboBox really wouldn't work, since it only affects
a single record in the settings table.  Of course, I suppose I could rework
mythmusic a little so the these two boolean settings are really a single
enumerated setting... but I think the two booleans make more sense
logically.  Thoughts?


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