[mythtv] [PATCH] New settings module to tune channel by hand and channel preset hack

ramon.roca at xcombo.com ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Jun 4 12:05:17 EDT 2003


This patch looks to me very nice, very usefull for those countries where
there is no channel info at the xmltv listings or channel icons, and can
provide an easier way to introduce the channels than
mythfilldatabase --manual, it's also clean since those who have that info at
the xmltv will can simply skip it ans even simplifies to add new inputs such
as AV etc.
It only breaks Ben's "channel preset hack", since doesn't take care of the
channum_real column.
Maybe it's time to think for a definitive solution on this controversy?

Since it will affect to the database, maybe that's something for 0.10.
However after thinking on this that could be as simple as:

-add a "chanfreq" column, that defaults to current channum value, and
equivalent to Ben's channum_real (I do prefer to call it chanfreq since
describes better its content). Populate both columns channid and chanfreq
during mythfilldatabase first setup to the same value, so that will be
transparent to the current US users.
-use Ben's way to change the channel using chanfreq.
-allow, with a new setting at the setup, to choose between current behaviour
for US user (default) or use "preset" equivalencies instead of channum. If
the user selñects this way, then the channum column could be updated to
current chanid primary key, therefore, a first default preset will be done
using chanid. Now, non-us numbers will have a simple sequence starting by 1
that preset tuning to each channel.
-then, with Leandro's manual tuning, the user will be able to change the
preset numbers, the only thing that must bu changed for doing so is instead
of editing chanid column, edit channum, and of course, change the channum to

Doesn't sounds this something that once has been done could make happy
everyone and therefore applied to CVS?


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