[mythtv] Removing scheduled recordings

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Jun 3 14:05:25 EDT 2003

We've been discussing it a little on the IRC channel.  It definitely won't go
in until after 0.9 is released which should be "real soon now".

The episode unsuppress may end up staying the way it is now (just
deleting the oldrecorded table entry).

After 0.9 is released, I'll be committing code to enable an advanced
recording options screen that can be used to change things like the
recording profile used to record for a given scheduled show.  The
(un)suppress options will go on that screen as well.

One thing that may have to be worked around with your current patch is
that the field in the program table would get reset when mythfilldatabase
runs and reloads tomorrow's data into the table.  I think you'd lose your 
program.overridesuppression value.  I think someone mentioned this on
the mailing list or the channel the other day.

> I've been running this patch for a week or so with no noticeable problems.
> I'd like to see it committed to CVS; the worst it might do is erroneously
> flag/unflag a duplicate program, but that hasn't been my experience.
> Someone who is more expert in SQL might want to examine the query to examine
> the issue raised; I can't say why it works but it does seem to.
> -JAC


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