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Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Thu Jul 31 19:56:30 EDT 2003


But on the other hand _you_ are the one implementing this and nobody
else, so you can decide whatever you want, it's just something you might
think about.

That's really the big point.  No work will have any sense although
compiles and links  nicely without warnings if we don't take care of
it's usability or we can't get a picture of it, it can have developers
but will never have users...Manual channel setup makes sense for Analog
TV, but, in common sense not for DVB, we habe been already for months in
this situation. We are talking about many channels with many parameters.
My 2 cents and what I'm trying to do on this with mythchannels is
providing simple paths for exchanging that information from a variety of
choices/sources, but that's only part of the history, the other part is
the player, parsing the streams etc. Well, I hope that Ben and Kenneth
will keep working on this... and you are wellcome if you want, do you
have a DVB card?. If I get alone, I tell you that we are dead. Maybe I'm
On the other hand, be sure that I'm open on having any open discussion,
I do learn a lot of them. Drive a discussion because of having and
ownership I don't think that will be contributive at all.

Unfortunately no, I don't even know anybody who has DVB so I can't even
imagine what kind of problems you're up against, I just know about the
problems I already have setting up MythTV for Analog TV and for my
MythChannels would be very useful. I just wish it would become part of
the standard distribution. ;-)
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