[mythtv] PVR350 ivtv decoding working

Steve Brown steve-mythtvdev at deltabbs.org
Thu Jul 31 14:10:48 EDT 2003

I see on the ivtv mailing list that support for the MPEG-2 hardware 
decoder on the PVR-350 is getting somewhere and it's beginning to work.

Apparently the driver supports YUV, MPEG2 and pass-thru.

As this nicely gets away from the problems with, say, a Hollywood+ (in 
that the Myth menus etc would have to be MPEG _encoded_ in order to be 
decoded by the card and displayed on the TV), are there any plans to 
support fully the TV-out on a PVR350 in Mythtv?

Perhaps using pass-throu mode for the menus/GUI and switching to MPEG2 
decode for watching TV etc? That probably doesn't help for subtitles 
though :-/


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