[mythtv] New version of Mythchannels

Leandro Dardini ldardini at tiscali.it
Wed Jul 30 20:25:08 EDT 2003

I' d like to use a stable mythtv. Do you have a version around compatible
with mythtv 0.10 ?


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> >     * If you assigne a "Number" to a channel, do you check for
> >       duplicates? What, if I try to move "La2" to number 2, but "Tele 5"
> >       happens to be on number 2 already?
> chanid (pk) it's preserved. preset not.
> simple, the first will be taken, but no problems on db integrity.
> I was thinking on this, but is not that simple: should the following
> correlative numbers be shifted? or should we just swap the numbers?
> By now, manually you still can do that that... sure can be ways to improve
> this. Anyway the basic is covered, if someone wants to improve this...
> >     * Scanning analog channels: That "first tuner card" and "mythbackend
> >       not running" stuff makes no sense to average users. I also think
> >       that it's a bad idea to assume that the server with the TV cards
> >       has any graphical display, but we discussed that already.
> yes, note that I do agree that will be nice to have everything at the
> bakend, like the player for the preview. Maybe analog scan should also
> consider optionaly the full frequencies tables or look for "finetune"
> frequencies"... again, starting with basics. Also yes to the message...
> >     * PIDs: I'd use a separate textfield for video and audio PIDs, maybe
> >       even for AC3, subtitles etc., so that users know what they are for
> >       (more guiding) and don't have to worry about the DB field format
> >       definition (comma-separated, no spaces).
> I agree with Kenneth that will be nice to minimize as possible user
> and getting that info dynamically, then only store that kind of
> for cache purposes when it makes sense...vdr's patch Autopid is a good
> working example of doing this. Also the numbers of audio pids and its
> I've seen that change dynamically depending on the program being
> in the same channel... but again I'm just afraid of being too much
> and have nothing while thinking in the whole thing. In the meantime let's
> make it work, and maybe yes, we can still split those pids. My current
> immediate plans before I take my vacations are to load dvb-t channels
> (I've been asked for) and maybe also to resynch spanish and catalan
> translations...
> >     * Nit-pick: "DVB" already includes "Digital", so I'd use e.g.
> >       "Digital: DVB" instead of "Digital DVB".
> thx, I'm sure that there are other typos/errors given my english, please
> correct them!.
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