[mythtv] Some small changes to the EPG

Quintesse * at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Jul 30 19:11:55 EDT 2003

Isaac, the only thing I have been thinking of all day (here at work) is
that I save the setting to the database using SaveSetting() and I'm not
sure if that's the correct one. Maybe I should have used SetSetting()?
My memory from 3 'o clock at night yesterday is a bit hazy but if I
remember correctly SaveSetting() was referring to the database while
SetSetting() had messaging code. My patch changes something in the EPG
frontend so maybe I should have used SetSetting()? (Works for me of
course because backend and frontend are on the same machine).


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> Subject: [mythtv] Some small changes to the EPG
> This patch changes the following behaviour in the EPG:
> -1- the fact that only favorite channels are shown is now 
> remembered in 
> the database as a setting
> -2- channels with null or empty channel numbers will now be 
> completely 
> ignored
> The epg.patch file just contains the plain changes as per "diff -bu2" 
> which the epg_ws.patch also includes the whitespace diffs 
> because I had 
> to indent/undent some bocks of code. Isaac can decide to use 
> whatever he 
> thinks is best.
> Cheers,
> -Tako
> ad 1) reasoning behind this feature is that I _really_ don't 
> like seeing 
> the channels I never watch in the list, but I don't want to 
> remove them 
> either "just in case" (maybe I'll decide to learn Chinese 
> some day, who 
> knows), this way if you turn on "show favorites only" (press 
> '4' in EPG) 
> it will stay that way.
> ad 2) I explained the necessity for this in a mail some days ago, but 
> I'll repeat it here just to be sure: not all tv_grab scripts 
> allow you 
> to select which channels you want, the tv_grab_nl_wolf for 
> example is a 
> _lot_ faster than the tv_grab_nl script but it just gives you all 
> possible channels, regardless of the fact if you even get all 
> of those 
> channels. So I have a list of channels which appear in the 
> database but 
> which don't have channel numbers because I can't receive 
> them. But with 
> the current version I would get a lot of empty lines between 
> the proper 
> channels (incidently messing up the rendering of the EPG completely).
> PS: Isaac, I wanted to change the favorite indication from * 
> <channel> * 
> to something that uses a color but it seemed a lot more 
> difficult than I 
> expected. Any hints you could give me? (Why colors? Well, 
> some channel 
> callsigns are a bit long, "Discovery" for example, and they 
> don't fit in 
> the box reserved for them. That's okay because I understand 
> them anyway, 
> but the two asterisks disappear completely. That's why I 
> thought of the 
> color).
> PS2: Chris, I've not yet changed mythweb2 to filter out the channels 
> without channel numbers. It's 3:15 am now so I think I'll 
> call it a day, 
> but maybe you can still find time to do it....? :-))))

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