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Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Jul 30 19:10:01 EDT 2003

Hi Ramon,

I have to agree with Ben on this, a database field is not meant for the
end-user but for the programmer. You can put as much "intelligence" into
the user interface as you like converting between all kinds of units,
but the database should contain just one kind of number. As a developer
figuring out what the number means exactly is easy, you just do it wrong
once (in absence of documentation ;-) and after that you're in the
clear. But imagine that you have to look at every single entry in the
database just to see if there might be other ways to use the numbers
that are stored? What if in _my_ database all frequencies are in Hz and
I never know that freqencies in MHz exist until other users start
complaining that my code doesn't work?


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> > The freq is used for DVB-T and DVB-C as well. Do they never use more
> > precision either?
> DVB-c don't know. DVB-t i know that it depends: Although 
> sometimes it has,
> it's useless, i.e. vdr does not use that precission neither 
> and as far as I
> know, it tunes without so...
> >
> > If everybody uses MHz in all cases, we could do so as well. 
> But let's
> > settle on *one* unit.
> >
> > >Note that also latest dvb driver apps (i.e. szap) and also dvbtools
> > >(dvbstream, dvbtune) are doing the same conversion.
> > >
> > For user interaction, it makes sense. Not for internal 
> stuff like DB.
> > People like flexibility, programs don't ;-).
> >
> > >Is not that complicated check the unit of measurement just 
> before doing
> the tuning. In fact, it's already done with the lines you mention.
> > >
> > No, e.g. I have to adapt my apps as well.
> >
> >
> Is not that difficult to match flexibility in this case since 
> it's quite
> easy to deduce the precission used by the user. The apps that 
> I've mentioned
> are already programs and have that flexibility although they still are
> programs, well, not any programs, apps that comes with the 
> driver itself
> =). And about your apps, if you are refering to the setup 
> apps, don't worry,
> in this particular case *they will still work without any 
> change*! You can
> even have a mix of channels with some at Hz and others at Mhz 
> etc...Why are
> you that strict forcing just one unit being that easy just to 
> check for it
> before tuning??? imho making this that strict is just going 
> anti-nature in
> this case. Make mythtv behave just like any other app will 
> avoid confussion.
> Don't you think that we have major issues to be worried of 
> than this? This
> one already works, and as you know we still have many todo's 
> that doesn't.
> Looks quite strange to me to be more worried at this point 
> for maintaining
> code than to change things to make it work.
> btw, to give you an example about a stupid user who spent a 
> lon time to
> figure out why wasn't able to lock a signal to a channel: 
> Myself. I had even
> to turn on the debug to discover that BBC was expected at 
> 12285000/27500000
> instead of 12285/27500... and believe me, I'm a good example 
> of a stupid end
> user ;)
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