[mythtv] DVB PID DB field

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Wed Jul 30 15:25:13 EDT 2003

Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Ben Bucksch wrote:
> >    * PIDs: I'd use a separate textfield for video and audio PIDs, maybe
> >      even for AC3, subtitles etc.
> hm, but by reading from the DB field, you don't know which the video PID
> is. I didn't think of that back then. Should we just assume that the
> user used mythchannels to set up the channels and thus that the PIDs
> have a certain order? What, if there's an AC3 stream, but no subtitle
> stream, for one channel, while there's a subtitle stream, but no AC3
> stream, for another channel? Any suggestions how to solve that while
> still keeping the DB and code simple and flexible (for stream types we
> don't have special provisions for)?

But if we were to store only the requirements for tuning in the db (NO PIDS)
+ the program number from Program Association Table and read the Program Map
Table, we would have the info needed to select pids based on users
preference on language and use of ac3/subtitles!


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