[mythtv] Re: MythWeather - erratic updates?

David Engel dlengel at attbi.com
Mon Jul 28 21:02:50 EDT 2003

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 09:34:24PM +0100, Michael Thomson wrote:
> Not sure if this helps in any way, but I tried running mythfrontend under
> gdb, with debug compied into all modules, and MythWeather runs fine. Running
> the same mythfrontend *outside* gdb gets me into the same hung/busy state
> when I try to open MythWeather.

This may or may not give you any useful information, but you could try
sending mythfrontend a SEGV signal with kill to get a core dump.  You
could then look at what state things were in with gdb.

FWIW, I'm seeing the same the same problem with mythweather.

David Engel
dlengel at attbi.com

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