[mythtv] Re: Teletext [PATCH]

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Mon Jul 28 09:37:47 EDT 2003

At 26-7-2003 15:16, Martin Moeller wrote:
>Essentially, in NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp, vbipagenr is set to 0x08880000
>unless $HOME/.mythtv/teletext exists and contains a 3-digit value, in
>which case the value is read and shifted 16 bits (value << 16).

Don't forget teletext pages are specified as HEX numbers, so 'A8B' would be 
a valid address. Normally you can't select this with a consumer-TV but 
those pages are used (AFAIK teleshopping and tech-tests mostly).
Thus the value you read from $HOME/.mythtv/teletext must be read as hex, 
not decimal, and then shifted.

>This would be a fairly good solution without rewriting a whole lot of
>code and/or adding to the channel table. In reality only a select few
>stations broadcasts subtitle streams anyway... (at least in Denmark).

And still you could make something like the following in the player:

// initialize
vbipagenr = 0;


// testing if page x must be shown
if (vbipagenr == 0)
     vbipagenr = x;
if (vbipagenr == x)
     // show page

This would show the first teletxt stream encountered in a show, and would 
for all stations only using a single language subtitle be the right one. At 
least good enough for testing, it would give you a working page by default.


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