[mythtv] Bug Tracking

Lonny Selinger lonny at bangtherockstogether.net
Fri Jul 25 17:00:00 EDT 2003

> There isn't as far as I know so I suggested we make one a couple of
> days
> ago but up to know I've gotten no response yet from Isaac who would
> probably be the best person to manage such a list.
> Any comments Isaac? I still think such a list would be a good idea.

The only reason I asked is because I'd like to help out if possible
but I work on a few different projects and for me, having a forum
where bugs are tracked and responded to, requests for features etc
makes a nice unified place for dev and user. It's also a nice place to
keep progress for fixes to prevent excessive redundant emails (of
which I'm guilty) regarding things that have been resolved rather then
reading entire threads, although sometimes the thread is necessary to
keep things in context.

Anyway like I said I was just wondering ... if the current system is
working for all the developers it can't be all that bad as the project
seems to progress steadily.


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