[mythtv] MythVideo - multiple parts to a movie

DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Fri Jul 25 14:03:27 EDT 2003

Joseph, I hadn't thought about what would happen if the user his Esc 
part way though the first part.  I wonder if MPlayer returns a different 
exit code for played all the way through, and user hit escape?


Joseph A. Caputo wrote:

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>>Then it would be the responsibility of the parent to link to the child,
>>instead of the child to the parent.  I've always done things that way.
>>But if someone has a good argument either way, I'm willing to go that
>>way.  By good argument, I mean something more than "You should do it
>>this way because I do it way".
>>The sql is easy either way:
>>select * from blah where parentID = someNumber;
>>select * from blah where childID = someOtherNumber;
>Well, if the information resides with the parent, then you don't need to do
>any extra queries to find out if there is a child, as you should have
>already fetched the current record's childID field along with all the other
>information.  Since multi-part movies are probably the exception rather than
>the rule, it seems to make sense to do things this way.
>Incidentally, how would you address the problem of 'unintended' child
>playback?  By that I mean, if I'm watching a multipart movie and exit
>mplayer halfway through the first part, I probably don't want the second
>part to automatically start up.  I probably only want the second part to
>start playing if I watch 'off the end' of the first part.  A prompt would be
>better, but only a little bit.  I realize that it's only a single button
>press to cancel the playback or answer a prompt, but it still seems kind of
>hokey for a piece of software not to be 'smart enough' to know whether
>you're ready to watch the second part of a movie or not.  After all, most
>DVD players are (well, technically the feature is authored onto the DVD
>itself, not the player, but still...)  Of course, the ultimate solution
>would be for Myth to support native playback of multiple formats, but that's
>Isaac's call.  Another approach would be to enhance MythVideo so that it
>could control mplayer in slave mode or through a socket, which, in turn,
>might allow mythvideo to know when a movie has been played all the way to
>the end or stopped early.
>Just thinking out loud again.  Pay no attention to that man behind the
>curtain :-)
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