[mythtv] new mythweb

Brian Lalor blalor at bravo5.org
Thu Jul 24 12:19:54 EDT 2003

Chris Petersen wrote:
>>- pop ups work "ok"; but sometimes appear "near by"; probably a web
>>browser issue, not your code (but I didn't look into it)
> It's essentially the browser not capturing mouse events fast enough. I'd
> *like* to place them next to the element, instead of related to the
> mouse position, but there's no easy way to grab the position of a
> particular element in the page (it's long and complicated and doesn't
> work in all browsers).

Have you looked at Brad Choate's site[1]?  He's got some very nice 
(transparent!) popups.  I'm not saying yours aren't any good, but its an 
alternative implementation you might peruse for ideas.

[1] http://www.bradchoate.com/

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