[mythtv] Current CVS Doesn't Compile on QT 3.0

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Jul 24 11:32:16 EDT 2003

On Thursday 24 July 2003 04:30 am, Martin Smith wrote:
> Just for info (I haven't seen anyone else mention it here) but Myth no
> longer seems to compile on QT 3.0. It's using a symbol only present in QT
> 3.1.
> I tried it on RH8 (QT 3.05) last night and it didn't build but it did work
> on RH9 (QT 3.1).
> Knowing the general tone of this list I guess everyone will now jump on me
> and tell me that I should have known it only works on 3.1 etc.

I'm pondering dropping support for qt 3.0.  Haven't decided yet, but 3.1 was 
released last November, and 3.2 was just put out yesterday.  Seems silly to 
keep working around things for 3.0.


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