[mythtv] Channel management

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Thu Jul 24 13:30:16 EDT 2003

I wonder if there are any ideas on how one could manage the channels 
stored in the database.

I know there is some way to make XMLTV not import the channels you don't 
want (or receive), but I don't mind having the data I just normally 
never watch a Chinese or Turkish channel so I would like to be able to 
hide them. Another thing I would like do is change the order of the 
channels as they appear in the GUI: we Dutch like to group all Dutch 
channels close together.

So I'd like to know if is there already a way to do this manually just 
changing things in the database? Or would we need to add an order field 
and a "hide" flag?

I know that Ramon was working on a way to manage channel settings, does 
this include the options I just described? Wasn't there a problem with 
the preview which made Isaac decide not to include it? What's the status 
about that? Any solution yet?


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