[mythtv] new mythweb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Jul 23 23:26:38 EDT 2003

> This small diff -u seems to fix the problem for me.  Confusion with time
> and list_time variables?  Still haven't looked at the popup code...

You shouldn't need to do that.  I just realized that I've been leaving
some important things in the conf file that point to me.  particularly
the error email, and the cookie domain.   (actually, I just checked and
the error email is pointing to @localhost so I guess that's ok for now)

You need both of these to point to your stuff.  Your channel_detail
problem really looks to me like the session info isn't being set
properly, which leads me to believe that you left that cookie domain

This all (of course) needs to go into the documentation....


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