[mythtv] Re: DVB Channel Change Patch.. ..and MythChannels.

ramon.roca at xcombo.com ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Jul 23 03:35:46 EDT 2003

> Great to see it's not only me that it's playing with DVB-s at the moment!

no no, you aren't. and I do really appreciate your workings on the player

btw, you mentioned earlier that you was thinking to play also with CI-CAM.
Have you already done anything on this?. I'm asking because I'm seeing
while loading channels either from channels.conf or vdr, I'm just skipping
that information. No columns yet at the database for it. So I'm thinking
in expanding the database schema to support also this. By now simply by
loading that information to the database, but don't know if you have
already done anything like that.


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