[mythtv] Latest CVS LiveTV->Recording problems

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Wed Jul 23 04:04:35 EDT 2003

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> This is much better, but I'm still having problems with the recording 
> skipping back to the beginning.  I'll try to add those debugging 
> statements and see how it goes.

I attached versions of ringbuffer.cpp and nuppeldecoder.cpp with some
added debug output, if you post the output it should at least be possible 
to tell if it's still the same problem.

> One thing that I've noticed in my testing (and will hopefully be easy to 
> reproduce) is that if I'm watching live tv, enter the episode guide, and 
> then select a currently running show to record, the video will go blank. 
>  Everything else seems to function properly, it's just that none of the 
> display seems to work.  If I hit escape and then space (which should 
> bring up the exit dialog, and then save the current position and go back 
> to the tv menu) the tv menu gets displayed properly.

That's already on the todo list.

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