[mythtv] new mythweb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Jul 22 01:16:50 EDT 2003

> They should be off by default, then.  This is _slow_.  About 6-7 seconds 
> versus about 1.

it's off by default now.

> programinfo struct changed several times.  You're also missing the weekslot 
> stuff, but that doesn't break things =)

ah.  Any chance you can point me to the file in the myth code that lists
what's what?  I used to have it, but seem to have misplaced its name.

> Nothing on the scheduled recordings page is a link.  

fixed.  Quite a lot fixed here, actually...

Sorting is completely redone.  you are now given a sort history (ie. if
you previously sorted by date, and click to sort by show name, identical
shows are then sorted by date).  Been meaning to do that for awhile - it
was easier than I thought it would be - gotta love php.

I still need to go through and fix all of the short open tags to be
long, and update for cvs, but other than that, I'm awaiting more bug
reports, criticisms, fixes, etc...


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