[mythtv] How does mythtv decide which backend does the recording?

cmisip cmisip at insightbb.com
Mon Jul 21 21:16:50 EDT 2003

I ran into the low disk space issue again today.  There were two
programs scheduled for recording at current time.  When I try to go to
the Watch Recording Screen in the main backend, I cannot get there.  Its
just a black screen.  When I deleted some files via the console, then I
could get into the Watch Recording Screen and it shows those two
programs currently recording.  I think the expected behavior should be
that I could go into Watch Recording screen no matter what and that the
recordings scheduled are just dumped if there are no available encoders
in any backends.  In this case,since I have three tv cards, (one on the
slave backend), I should see at least one recording in progress in Watch
Recording Screen.  I would prefer that at least one of my main backend
tv cards try to encode a to the slave backend storage.  Its a
suggestion, I hope that is not hard to implement.   Thanks.  

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 07:59, Zaheer Abbas Merali wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 13:28, Joel Melohn wrote:
> > The minimum free space checking sounds like a good enhancement.
> > 
> > Is there any way to use capture card hardware characteristics, such as
> > stereo vs. mono, to determine which backend is used to do the recording?
> > That way, a cheaper capture card could be used to record programs for which
> > you do not care about having stereo and you could insure that the stereo
> > capture card was used for programs such as a music video etc.
> > 
> > This would probably need a user provided parameter when the program is
> > scheduled. (possibly mono, stereo, or don't care, with a user configurable
> > default).
> What would be better is a ranking system for this.  If a channel can be
> recorded on more than one free capture card, it should pick the highest
> ranked capture card rather than the first available.  Of course, if the
> available capture cards all have the same ranking then it should act as
> it currently does.  So for example, if there is a DVB card and an
> analogue card.  I would rank the DVB card higher than the analog card,
> as it does not require encoding and provides a better quality picture
> and ,much better quality sound.
> Deciding on one particular attribute such as stereo vs mono, IMHO is not
> flexible.  IMHO, the ranking setting should by default be the same
> number for all capture cards and in the mythsetup program's capture card
> or inputsource section there should be an option to set the rankin of
> the source.  Everyone is going to have different criteria for deciding
> which source is best for them, so the ranking system would leave it very
> flexible.  Its also a nice paradigm for users and one they can
> understand.
> If there is support for this idea, I will write a patch to implement
> this.
> Take Care

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