[mythtv] How does mythtv decide which backend does the recording?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Jul 21 22:13:37 EDT 2003

If you want backends to write files to storage on another backend then
setup NFS.  Several people are running multiple backends writing all their
files to a shared NFS directory.  Don't expect Myth to support writing
files to another backend anytime soon unless someone else writes a patch
because none of the people I know of are interested in coding it (including

> I think a configurable option sounds great.  Can you also add the option
> for a backend encoder to save to a remote storage when local storage is
> used up?  I have two tv cards on my master backend and one on the slave
> backend.  I wonder if it is possible for at least one of the master
> backend cards to record to the slave backend storage when its local
> storage is used up.  This can be set on a per card basis because I dont
> think any system is beefy enough to do three simultaneous recordings
> because of disk i/o issues and stuff.  Thanks.


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