[mythtv] How does mythtv decide which backend does the recording?

Joel Melohn jlmelohn at jcsm.com
Mon Jul 21 20:20:43 EDT 2003

I agree that your suggestion is more flexible and would be a good
enhancement. However, I was trying to address the following situation.

If I have two capture cards configured, one mono and one stereo, and had two
programs scheduled to be recorded at the same time, could I indicate when I
scheduled the programs for recording that one of them should be recorded in
stereo and that the other one should be recorded in mono or as a don't care.

Last week, Compusa was selling WinTV Go cards (Mono Capture Cards) for
$29.99 after rebate. So it would be nice to add some of these cards as
additional backend recorders for talk shows, etc, which don't benefit much
from stereo and still be able to insure that programs that you wanted to be
recorded in stereo would not be recorded on the mono capture card.

It seems that supporting this capability would require some sort of user
input at time of scheduling a program for recording. Could your concept be
combined with a scheduling user input to allow the user to indicate whether
the program should be recorded in mono, stereo, or don't care.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for your response.


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On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 13:28, Joel Melohn wrote:
> The minimum free space checking sounds like a good enhancement.
> Is there any way to use capture card hardware characteristics, such as
> stereo vs. mono, to determine which backend is used to do the recording?
> That way, a cheaper capture card could be used to record programs for
> you do not care about having stereo and you could insure that the stereo
> capture card was used for programs such as a music video etc.
> This would probably need a user provided parameter when the program is
> scheduled. (possibly mono, stereo, or don't care, with a user configurable
> default).

What would be better is a ranking system for this.  If a channel can be
recorded on more than one free capture card, it should pick the highest
ranked capture card rather than the first available.  Of course, if the
available capture cards all have the same ranking then it should act as
it currently does.  So for example, if there is a DVB card and an
analogue card.  I would rank the DVB card higher than the analog card,
as it does not require encoding and provides a better quality picture
and ,much better quality sound.

Deciding on one particular attribute such as stereo vs mono, IMHO is not
flexible.  IMHO, the ranking setting should by default be the same
number for all capture cards and in the mythsetup program's capture card
or inputsource section there should be an option to set the rankin of
the source.  Everyone is going to have different criteria for deciding
which source is best for them, so the ranking system would leave it very
flexible.  Its also a nice paradigm for users and one they can

If there is support for this idea, I will write a patch to implement

Take Care

Zaheer Abbas Merali <zaheerabbas at merali.org>

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