[mythtv] Flash GUIs

Jeremy Oddo joddo at apixels.net
Mon Jul 21 15:31:00 EDT 2003

m0j0.j0j0 said:
>> I'm just worried 'bout speed.  Blending moving buttons onto a static
>> background or static buttons onto a moving background is going to eat
>> up cpu  time..
> True. Anything like this would probably have to be a configurable
> option. I wonder how TiVo accomplishes this, since they're running on
> something like a 50Mhz CPU. hmmmm...
I don't know if MPNG is more like a movie file (AVI, QT, etc.) or if it's
more like an animated GIF.  Animated GIFs don't take up much resources
(sure they look like crap, but that's besides the point!).  With TiVo, I
think they are doing encoding/decoding via hardware so the task of UI and
encoding/decoding is split between two different processors.  At least,
thats what I *think* is going on under the TiVo hood.


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