[mythtv] MythTV Recording System Future

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Jul 20 19:08:03 EDT 2003

On Sunday 20 July 2003 04:58 pm, Tako Schotanus wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
> >code.  Take a look at the european teletext support (which has been
> > disabled for a _very_ long time).  I'm getting ready to pull that out of
> > the source since no one has bothered to fix it yet.
> Wait, are you saying there is teletext support somewhere in the code?
> Hmmm, wouldn't mind taking a look at that to see if I can get it to work
> (again).
> Do you have any pointers for me by any chance? (where to look for the
> code, any relevant documentation etc)

NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp -- FormatTeletextSubtitles, vbi_event, doVbiThread, 
and the code in libs/libvbitext.  Re-enable it by removing the 3 commented 
lines starting at line 88 in recorderbase.cpp.  Main issue with it was it 
would crash randomly for people with it enabled.  I believe the issue is that 
it's overwriting the ends of its internal buffers (backtraces were rather 
weird, but consistent with that kind of memory corruption), but as I can't 
even test the code I can't tell.

If you can fix it, I'd really appreciate that =)


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